Mehr'e Eghtesad Mobin

Mehr'e Eghtesad Mobin

Mehr’e Eghtesad Mobin private joint stock company was established with the Tehran General administration of Registration of companies and non-commercial organization on Oct. 3th, 2010 and assigned registration number 385675 and national identification number 10320361238.
Company's current share capital amounts to 500bn IRR.
Mehr’e Eghtesad Mobin manages portfolio of (mainly) stocks traded on Tehran Stock Exchange and (some) other financial assets. The company is based in Tehran, Iran.

Purpose and scope of activity
  • Connecting and collaborating with investors in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) in regards to be a link between the capital market and TCI and MCI’s top management.
  • Using new and innovative financial instruments of the capital market in order to increase TCI and MCI’s stock liquidity.
  • Market making the TCI and MCI’s stock in order to facilitate trading in these securities
  • Stock investment

Shareholder listProfit and lossBalancesheetRate of Return On Investment and Equity

 ShareholdersPercentage of shareholding (%)
TEM 39.998%
TCI 30%
MCI 30%
Mobin Iran 0.001%
Shahryar Mahestan 0.001%
Total 100%

 March 2015March 2014
Operational income 115,035 184,731
Net income 115,035 184,731

 March 2015March 2014
Total Assets 643,384 568,084
Total Liabilities 1,223 39,774
Shareholders Equity 642,663 528,310

 March 2015March 2014
Return on Assets (ROA) 18% 33%
Return on Equity (ROE) 18% 33%