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Tose'e Etemad Mobin (TEM)


Tose’e Etemad Mobin (TEM) private joint stock company was established with the Tehran General Administration of Registration of companies and non-commercial organizations on Oct. 26th, 2009 and assigned registration number 360115 and national identification number 10104078410.

Company's current share capital amounts to 11,000bn IRR.

TEM's major investments are in the telecommunication sector.
The company is based in Tehran, Iran.


ShareholdersCapital RaisingProfit and LossRate of Return on investmentand Equity

Shareholders list as of 1393/12/29Percentage of shares
Gostaresh'e Electronic Mobin Iran 38%
Shahryar Mahestan 27%
Etemad Mehr Pars 24%
Sina Bank 10%
Tose'e Etemad Investment Co. 0.9999%
Ganjineh Shayestegan Investment Co. 0.0001%
 Total 100%

Date HistoryShare Capital Raised(Million Rials)PercentageSource
Jan 2012 5,000,000 49,9% Stock holders’ Receivables
March 2015 11,000,000 120% Stock holders’ Receivables

 March 2015March 2014
Operating profit (EBIT) 9,167,073 10,058,011
Earning Before Tax (EBT) 4,544,621 6,539,885
Net profit 4,544,621 6,539,885

 March 2015March 2014
Return on Assets(ROA) 4.9% 7%
Return on Equity(ROE) 28% 54%




Contact Information:

Website: www.teminvestco.com

Email: info@teminvestco.com